How long to bake potatoes in a microwave?

If you’re used to baking potatoes for extra 1 or 2 minutes and getting away with it in the oven, the microwave is certainly the last place you want to try that —  thing; you know exactly what i wanted to say right? You’ll end up burning the potatoes, yourself, and perhaps the microwave appliance! Below … Read more

Can you put aluminum foil in the oven?

Can you put aluminum foil in the oven

First off, not every household wrapper is meant for oven use. Wax paper alongside its “freezing” and “anti-stick” goodness is a terrible companion in the oven. That’s because the coating melts off and the substrate disintegrates at standard oven temperatures; 350 F and 375 F. (There’s still a way around this limitation though, and if you click … Read more

Can you microwave wax paper?

Nowadays, the common materials used for containing and packaging food items include glass, plastic, paper, ceramic and metal. However, not all of these materials are suitable for microwave cooking. Some of these materials have elements or coatings that are unstable at higher temperatures and can melt or transfer toxic substances into food during microwaving. As such, it … Read more

Are Eggs Chicken Periods? (Answer with proof)

Fill people up with disgusting wrong facts about animal products in order to force them to break off their solid addiction with them. That’s the newly found tactic that some hardcore vegans use to force people out of their animal product addiction. I personally find this method needless and disgusting although I’m not a big … Read more