Can you microwave wax paper?

Nowadays, common materials for packaging and containing foodstuffs include glass, plastic, paper, ceramic and metal. However, not all of these materials are suitable for microwave cooking. Some of these materials have elements or coatings that are unstable at higher temperatures and can melt or transfer toxic substances into food during microwaving. As such, it is important to … Read more

Can you put aluminum foil in the oven?

First off, not every household wrapper is meant for oven use. Wax paper alongside its “freezing” and “anti-stick” goodness is a terrible companion in the oven. That’s because the coating melts off and the substrate disintegrates at standard oven temperatures; 350 F and 375 F. (There’s still a way around this limitation though, and if you click … Read more

How to make garri in seven steps

Garri is a dry crispy coarse flour obtained from raw cassava flesh. Cassava is a staple crop in Central and Southern America and also in the tropical regions of West Africa.

It is one of the many food crops that cannot be consumed raw due to the presence of toxins and anti-nutritional factors in their peels and flesh. It must be subjected to a form of detoxification by processing further into intermediate forms or peeled and cooked thoroughly to develop stability and edibility.

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Garri: A Guide to West Africa’s Staple Food


Garri, a by-product of cassava tubers is a popular staple food common to the people of the rain forest belt of West Africa. It is hugely popular in Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone and maintains an important position in the timetable of many households regardless of social class. Because of it’s year round … Read more

How long to bake potatoes in a microwave?

How long to bake potatoes in a microwave? This actually depends on three things; potato size, number of potatoes and microwave wattage. Check the Owners Manual of your microwave oven for the wattage power and cook according to the timing guideline below.Small Potatoes: less than 5 ounces, Medium Potatoes: 5-8 ounces, Large Potatoes: 9-12 ounces. … Read more