How many slices of bread in a loaf?

how many slices of bread in a loaf

Maybe you’re planning a sandwich project, or a toast project, or you’re simply trying to give your freshly baked bread that nice even pre-slice look, and all of a sudden you’re curious as to how many bread slices there are in a loaf? Well, let’s find that out for you. How many slices of bread … Read more

How to blanch potatoes

Potatoes are semi-perishable produce, and just like many other vegetables, they too can be packaged and stored inside the freezer to further extend their already manageable shell life. But in order to do so, they require proper blanching to further decelerate their fairly quick rate of deterioration and also to preserve some qualities such as … Read more

How to blanch tomatoes (for freezing)

Blanching is the most crucial step prior to freezing almost any type of vegetable, and even mushrooms, but not all vegetables require blanching, and tomatoes, popular as they are, easily fall into this cargo. Here is why. How to blanch tomatoes for freezing There’s no need to blanch tomatoes before freezing. You’ll still lose on … Read more

How to blanch mushrooms

Mushrooms are gaining widespread popularity for their exotic taste which is actively dominated by the umami flavor, much like tasty Anura are gradually becoming an important staple across many cultures around the world. And just like frogs, mushrooms are highly perishable commodities, and if left on the counter at ambient temperature cannot last a single … Read more