Can Pickles Get Moldy?

Like any food with moisture, pickles too are susceptible to damage from mold especially give the fact that the method of preservation employs a liquid medium which makes for a perfect mold habitat. Pickles can get mold when they are made from a brine solution that isn’t perfectly acidic, salted or preserved well during and … Read more

Can You Pickle Any Cucumber?

There are three main cultivar groups of cucumber all of which can be used for pickling. Of the three main cultivar groups however, one specific group stands out completely above the rest when it come to pickling, and that is the “pickle cucumber”. This cultivar group have members with shorter lengths than the rest of … Read more

Can You Put Cucumbers in Pickle Juice?

If you have brine from previous pickling efforts and are wondering whether or not you can add cucumbers (in whole or slices) into it, then the answer is yes you can. But one question must be asked which concerns the goal you intend to achieve by adding the cucumbers into the pickle juice. If by … Read more

Is Pizza a Processed Food?

Almost all of us are conversant with the term processed food, and even when we don’t know its true meaning, we’ve somehow instinctively learnt to associate it with the “negative”.  But what does processed food actually mean? And would pizza categorized as one? What is processed food? Processed foods are typically foods that are prepared, … Read more

Is Pizza Measured in Radius or Diameter?

We’re pretty familiar with the common “language” of measuring pizza which is the figure and unit combo, say “a medium 12 inch pizza” for example.  But what does this actually mean? Does it signify the radius or diameter of the pizza? Here’s how pizza is measured Pizza is measured in diameter and not radius. A … Read more