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Howdy! So you’re interested in knowing more about us?

Alright, whisper to us a secret first, was it the mushroom blanching guide that was too good it had you cruising all the way here? Or, the comprehensive chicken freezing guide that cut you through with a wave of inspiration and made you want to check out the team behind the blog? Shhh, i can hear you say neither!

Either way, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about this marvelous blog here and now. No wasting time, let’s get started.

Who owns this blog?

This blog is owned by Mustapha Bunu – a self-acclaimed food expert and home trained chef. He is a graduate in Food science and nutrition from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Along the way, he trained at the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School Situated in Abuja where he never got the chance to witness the end of the road before pulling out for personal reasons.

Bunu started his online career as a freelancer, writing on topics related to food, home and gardening while helping millions of people learn new things and solve their everyday problems with his captivating and interesting way of teaching.

In 2016, he decided to start his own digital media company called “The Ebrat Group” which is nothing but a series of platforms (websites) that serve a diverse group of people from different parts of the world (regardless of age, race, geography, and gender identity), with quality and top-notch advice, guides, hacks, tutorials and captivating news on a wide array of topics ranging from home and gardening, to pets, food and even drinks.

The motive

The main goal of The Wisebaker is to provide people with quick, straight to the point, quality and well-researched food information that they can rely on.

We know how difficult it is nowadays to find blogs that fulfil such criteria. If you’re not having to wade through many thick paragraphs of the boring “my husband and kids” cliché slapped at the beginning of every recipe instruction posted online, then you’re sourcing information from people (probably plumbers and electronic technicians) who don’t have a single clue what they are talking about.

Here at the blog, we’re all about passion and cutting the long story short. And when there’s really the need to stretch the short story long, we’ll make sure it’s directly related to whatever you’re after and no more!

What to expect on the blog?

The Wisebaker is packed with quality food how to’s, tutorials, triple tested recipes, guides, hacks, appliance reviews, kitchen DIY’s, Kitchen organization tips, food storage tips, and many more articles related to food and kitchen.

At The Wisebaker, articles are curated by people that are experts at what they’re talking about, those with firsthand experience, cookbook authors, experienced home chefs, professional chefs, food experts, home experts, me, and our very own team of writers that are well versed in the different areas that we touch on this fabulous platform.

At the blog, we prioritize quality over quantity. And if we manage to squeeze both of them out at the end of the day, then we’re more than happy to embrace that.

But quality always come first. That’s why we have a team specially instituted for such task. They carefully go through each and every article on the platform (at defined frequency), and those handed in for publishing, in order to catch mistakes, blunders, factual inaccuracies and poorly researched works.

These are revised and rewritten all over again and then recycled back into the publishing queue, or, you know exactly where they end up, the bin.

So at The Wisebaker, you can be sure of the kind of quality you’re getting. And that’s High quality information.

The promises

Our promise to you is simple:

  1. To provide you with (at the very least) triple tested recipes that you can bet your money on.
  2. To provide you with clear and easy to follow guides.
  3. To provide you with information that is practical and can be used to solve real life problems.
  4. To provide you with articles that are fact checked and well researched.


If you have any corrections, suggestions, feedback, or ideas you want to discuss with us, feel free to email it to use at mescooblog@gmail.com. Our email team will be more than happy to listen to you.

Where to start

Confused where to start? Here are some of our favorite articles to get you started.