Grilling on aluminum foil: Everything you should know

Only a few things scream summer louder than ‘manning’ up the grill and wafting dry smoke with a drizzle of olive oil. But while you’re busy printing attractive grill marks on your tender salmons and summer peaches, have you ever considered using aluminum foil as an additional twist? Perhaps you have, but retracted the idea … Read more

How long to bake a potato?

How long to bake a potato has always been the main question in my search history. For me, i honestly can’t remember how many times i’ve washed potatoes and popped them into the oven to bake until fluff and bulging, and then slide in a thin cube of butter full of creamy flavor into the … Read more

11 Creative Ways to Eat Gari

How to eat garri

It’s easy to commit to the same old pattern with garriーsoak in cold water with a few groundnut seeds or make into eba and fire-up with kpomo rich egusi soup perhaps? Break free of your garri groove. Here are 11 inspiring ways to make sure you’re exploring the grains to the fullest. But before we dive … Read more

How long to bake potatoes in a microwave?

If you’re used to baking potatoes for extra 1 or 2 minutes and getting away with it in the oven, the microwave is certainly the last place you want to try that —  thing; you know exactly what i wanted to say right? You’ll end up burning the potatoes, yourself, and perhaps the microwave appliance! Below … Read more

Can you put aluminum foil in the oven?

Can you put aluminum foil in the oven

First off, not every household wrapper is meant for oven use. Wax paper alongside its “freezing” and “anti-stick” goodness is a terrible companion in the oven. That’s because the coating melts off and the substrate disintegrates at standard oven temperatures; 350 F and 375 F. (There’s still a way around this limitation though, and if you click … Read more