Do People Put Ice In Orange Juice?

I know, right? Sounds surprising that people could even think of putting ice in their orange juice! 

To what benefit? To what goal? 

But the thing is, a huge population of the world actually do it.

Let’s discuss!

Do People Put Ice In Orange Juice?

Ice in orange juice? 

This often provokes divided answers, some stand by the practice of adding ice to their orange juice, while some don’t. 

The division is interesting, isn’t it?

The refreshing aspect of a cold drink attracts one group to add ice cubes into their orange juice. 

They say: the colder beverage increases how refreshing it is to the throat!

But there’s an opposite camp who believe that ice waters down the rich flavor and sweetness of the freshly squeezed citrus, and they’re not exactly wrong for that belief!

Imagine going to a restaurant and getting a cup filled excessively with ice chunks! That’d piss the he** out of me!

Can we just say “moderation is key” please? 

There’s nothing cheap about wanting to savor every drop of my hard-earned glass of OJ. 😫

But here’s something to consider – ice isn’t always the lone addition to orange juice. 

Vodka or Sprite anyone? 

Some adventurous souls even transform their orange juice into slushies or smoothies.

Then there are the purists who want their orange juice untouched – without ice, undiluted, as nature intended it. (Yesssss!)

Another surprising way that people enjoy orange juice is by freezing half of the bottle and chilling the rest before mixing them together for a perfectly cold beverage. Creative i’d say!

But wouldn’t it be easier if approached this way: 

Freeze the juice into cubes first and then added it back into our drink? Worth considering, right?

For me though, I prefer my orange juice chilled from the fridge without ice cubes in really hot summer months. 

And when winter arrives, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as gulping down a room temperature glass of orange juice – soothingly warm against the frosty weather. 

Creative Ways To Serve/Use Orange Juice

Creamy Orange Smoothie

Blend together your juice with cool vanilla ice cream, sweet vanilla extract and tangy orange sherbet for an unforgettable experience.

Yearning for a refreshing 80s classic? 

Whip up an Orange Julius by blending vibrant orange juice with creamy milk, aromatic vanilla extract and crunchy ice. This thirst-quenching drink will transport you back in time.

Ice Pops

Transform simple orange juice into a frozen treat to beat the heat with Orange Ice Pops. Pop the juice into ice cube trays or freezer-pop molds and let it solidify. For a richer twist, mix the juice with creamy vanilla yogurt and toss in some colorful berries for extra flavor-bursts.


If you follow a dairy-free diet but crave smoothies, use OJ as your secret weapon! Blend fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries with orange juice instead of milk or yogurt. The result? A mouthwatering smoothie bursting with goodness.

Flavorful Drinks

Use orange juice to make vibrant ice cubes that add a splash of color and zing to your drinks. Freeze the juice in ice cube trays then add them to water, fruit punch, tea or cocktails.

Colorful Water

Create an Orange Spritzer by mixing orange juice with sparkling water or soda for a bubbly citrus sensation that screams party!

Extra Level OJ

Mix up your regular OJ by adding fresh mint leaves, basil leaves or rosemary sprigs for an invigorating take on this classic drink. And if you want some spicy warmth in your beverage, infuse ginger, turmeric or cinnamon into your orange drink for an exotic taste.

Does Orange Juice Need To Be Cold?

While many things are best served chilled, orange juice doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them.

Drinking orange juice at room temperature is certainly acceptable. 

However, refrigeration can enhance how it ends up tasting, and even go beyond that by prolonging its shelf life. 

Nevertheless, some individuals swear by room temperature orange juice spiced with aromatic ingredients as a home remedy for common colds. 

Keep in mind though, while this may be soothing for some, it could potentially aggravate a sore throat due to its acidic content. 

What Makes Orange Juice Taste Good?

Primarily, the delicious taste of orange juice can be credited to its natural sweetness and tangy undertones – a delightful balance that tickles your tastebuds just right. 

This unique flavor profile comes from the natural sugars and acids found abundantly in oranges. 

These components work in harmony to create a succulent dance of flavors on your tongue that we’ve come to love and crave.

The sweet sensation comes from natural sugars that are present in oranges. 

These sugars are not only responsible for the fruit’s inherent sweetness but also contribute to its energy-giving properties. 

On the other hand, the tanginess is all thanks to our friend citric acid, which imparts a zesty edge that counterbalances the sweetness perfectly.