Can You Use Easy Off On A Grill? (Products and Parts)

Easy Off is super popular as an oven cleaner, and it does its job of cleaning the grime and gunk that accumulate inside the oven perfectly well. 

But ovens aren’t the only places we roast or bake, splash and spill. There’s the grill, but will Easy Off be compatible with it? 

The answer is a resounding Yes! 

Here’s how to use Easy Off In A Grill

Easy Off has an oven cleaner you can use on the grill. It’s called the Easy Off BBQ grill cleaner. To use the cleaner, remove the grill racks from the surface of the grill and place them on a non porous surface like pavement. Spray the solution liberally on the racks and let it sit for an hour or more depending on how soiled the racks are. Use a grill brush to go over the surface of the racks and rinse with water.

Which Easy Off product should you use on a grill?

Easy Off offers a variety of products that can be used on grills with some much more powerful and effective than others. 

Let us quickly take a look at all the cleaners from Easy Off that can be used on a grill.

Easy Off BBQ grill Cleaner

The Easy Off BBQ Grill cleaner is a product from Easy Off designed to specially tackle burnt on grease on grill racks. 

The product, as instructed on the label, cannot be used to clean the inside of a grill nor its outside and also other components. It’s meant for use only on the racks.

The product comes in a black container, probably as an exxageration of its strength when it comes to tackling grease and gunk.

Professional Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven And Grill Cleaner

The Easy Off Professional Oven and Grill cleaner is meant for use in both ovens and on grill racks. 

The product comes in a yellow container and is labelled as “professional and heavy duty”; terms Easy Off use to demarcate products that have powerful cleaning action from those that are regular. 

Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

The Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner is not as strong in comparison to the professional variety, but nevertheless, it’ll do a perfect job at cleaning the interior of your oven as well as the grill racks, barbecue and smoker.

Professional Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner

Professional Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner is a line from the Easy Off Cleaners that does all of the cleaning action without producing any toxic fumes. 

Despite being labeled as an oven cleaner, it can also be used to clean items such as grill racks, stainless steel flavorizer bars, stovetop etc.

The fact that the product promises a fume free experience when used makes it a popular choice among homeowners, especially those concerned with using powerful cleaners on items that accommodate food, or those who dislike wearing protection such as gloves and nose masks. 

So which product has the edge?

Having listed all the Easy Off products that can be used on a grill, specifically, the racks and other components made up of Easy Off friendly materials, it must be said that the most powerful of them all is the Easy Off BBQ Grill Cleaner. 

The product is specifically formulated to tackle the kind of stubborn grime and gunk you find on the surface of grills. 

But it’s not like it beats them all by a great margin, you’ll only notice a slight ease when it comes to getting the grime and gunk off from surfaces using the BBQ cleaner, but others work perfectly well too. 

How to use Easy Off on a grill?

Before we start, there are key things you should know concerning using Easy Off.

The first is spraying. When it comes to that, make sure to shake the container well before and during use and also have the arrow point at the directional dot for efficiency. You also want to make sure there’s a 45° tilt on the vertical plane before you begin spraying. 

Additionally, keep a distance of at least 10 inches from the surface you want to spray the product. This is to protect your nasal passages from the toxic fumes emitted. 

With that out of the way, let us learn the procedures of using Easy Off on a grill. 

How to use Easy Off to clean a grill

First, make sure you’re wearing a protective rubber glove, a mask and if possible eyewear. 

Next, take off the grill racks from the grill and place them on a non-porous surface (like concrete) lined with newspapers or paper towels or rags. 

When performing this step, ensure the grates are cooled off completely or only slightly warm to the touch (to facilitate grease removal). You can actually preheat the grill (at high) a day before the cleaning date so as to burn off food bits on the racks.

When you have the racks on the surface, use a wire brush to scrub them to release any loose bits on them in order to make cleaning efficient and effective. 

Next, spray a generous amount of the cleaner on the grate and allow the foam to sit and settle for an hour. 

Using a sponge or a scouring pad, gently work in the cleaner on the racks to release stuck on food bits. Afterwards, rinse properly with water and allow it to dry.

How do you clean the outside and inside of your grill?

So Easy Off basically only covers the racks on a grill. It is stated clearly and in bold to never use it on the interior, exterior and other components of a grill. 

It’s not that you cannot use it on some parts of the grill as some of these parts are made up of materials that are perfectly compatible with Easy Off, like the flavorizer bars and heat deflectors made of stainless steel, but because of the varied materials you may find on a grill, it’s best to opt for a gentle cleaner to avoid causing damage.

So for other removable components of the grill, you can simply use the following technique to get them clean.

Use a scraper to scrape off any excess food on them using a grill wire brush. At that, you can return them to the grill and call it a day, but if you want extra work, maybe to get them close to as new as possible, then soak them in a solution of a gentle cleaner; 3:3:1 of vinegar, water and baking soda or any grill cleaner you have, and scrub them after their soaking time. 

Rinse thoroughly and dry properly before you put them back into the grill.

For the interior of the grill, you really shouldn’t focus on getting anything pristine, a decent scrape with a scraper with vacuum to suck off the bits that fall off should be more than enough. 

For the exterior, use a gentle cleaner to polish off the surface.

Can you use Easy Off on an electric and Weber grill?

It is absolutely safe to use Easy Off in an electric grill or even a weber grill. Just make sure to apply the Easy Off only on the racks and other components that are made up of materials that are compatible with the type of Easy Off product you’re using, for instance, stainless steel, cast iron, enamel, coating, etc. 

Always read the instructions and warnings on the Easy Off label to find out the materials it can be used on and those it can’t be used on.

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