Is Pizza Measured in Radius or Diameter?

We’re pretty familiar with the common “language” of measuring pizza which is the figure and unit combo, say “a medium 12 inch pizza” for example. 

But what does this actually mean? Does it signify the radius or diameter of the pizza?

Here’s how pizza is measured

Pizza is measured in diameter and not radius. A 12 inch pizza means that the pizza is 12 inches from edge to edge through the center, and 12 inch pizza by the way is what is considered a medium sized pizza. 

Why are pizzas measured in diameter not radius

The logic for this is actually quite simple. Diameter is the only metric that truly portrays the actual story. Radius is half of a diameter, and if measurements are taken using it, it would mean that only half of the picture is painted. 

For the proper picture, you’ll have to do a 2x multiplication of whatever figure is printed on your pizza package in order to get the edge to edge measurement through the center (the actual width of your pizza) which is totally unnecessary by the way. 

What are the standard sizes that pizzas come in?

Pizzas are typically categorized into four standard sizes. The small, medium, large and extra large pizza. 

The small pizza is basically 10 inches and below in diameter, the medium pizza is between 11 to 13 inches in diameter whereas the large and extra large pizza is between 14 to 18 inches in diameter. 

How big is one pizza in comparison to the other?

The edge to edge measurement through the center categorizes pizza into four different sizes which are: 

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

These sizes differ in the number of slices made on them, for instance, a small pizza measuring between 9-10 inches in diameter would typically have 6 slices capable of serving 2 to 3 people. 

Medium sized pizzas would have 8 slices for serving 3 to 4 people and the larger varieties would have 12 slices for serving 4 to 6 persons. 

How do you measure pizza at home?

Measuring pizza at home is actually quite easy. To do so, first place the pizza on a flat surface. Then run a measuring tape from one edge of the pizza to another through the center, while making sure the tape doesn’t make contact with the surface of the pizza. 

Read the measurement on the tape. That ‘s the diameter of the pizza and if there is the need to get the radius, just divide the number by two and for the area, multiply the radius by itself and pi.