Can Easy Off Be Used On Glass? (Explained)

Glass is pristine, so anything that can tamper with its clarity and looks is definitely something to stay away from. 

Easy Off is definitely one of those products you want to put in the grey list when it comes to cleaning glasses because it’s not exactly that gentle.

Here is why you should be careful when using Easy Off Cleaner on glass

Easy Off can be used on glass, but the oven cleaner line is specifically exaggerated to never be used excessively on glass otherwise it can cause damage to it. The Easy Off products recommended to clean glass include the Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser and the Easy Off Fume Free Cleaner. With these, you don’t have to worry about using them excessively on your glass. 

Can Easy Off Oven Cleaner Damage Glass?

It is true, the Easy Off Professional Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner, the Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner as well as the Easy Off BBQ Grill Cleaner all have the tendency and potential to damage glass due to their tough chemical composition, which is why it is recommended to use them less frequently on glass. 

How it’s actually written on the Easy Off Official Website is “Avoid excessive use of the product on glass”. 

Easy Off does offer other cleaners that are much safer to use on glass without worry of excessive usage. An example is the Fume Free Cleaner line and the Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser. It’s all stated on their packaging that they can be used on glass without causing any visible damage to it.

How To Use Easy Off On a Glass Stovetop?

If you have a glass stovetop, then good news, because you can actually use Easy Off cleaner to get it back to its pristine nature. No matter how long the stuck-on food bit has been sitting on the surface of the glass, a spray of Easy Off will cause it to slide right off from the surface. 

When it comes to the product line to use however, we have to be very careful as choosing the wrong one can heighten the risk of damage to your glass in the long run.

The two products from the Easy Off line that can actually be used comfortably to clean glass without any worries of long term determinants are the Easy Off Cleaner Degreaser and the Easy Off Fume Free Line: both the regular and heavy duty variety. Any other thing and that red line warning is strongly attached to it! 

For the cleaner degreaser, its application is quite easy. First, make sure you’re wearing protective rubber gloves as well as eye protection. If possible, use a nose mask to prevent yourself from inhaling fumes that can cause irritation of your nasal passage. 

Next, apply the cleaner to the surface of the glass using a sponge or cloth and let it sit for sometime (about 3 to 5 minutes) if the surface has really old stuck on bits, otherwise just go ahead wipe over it with the same sponge rinsed frequently in water. 

If you have the spray variety, then it’s only a matter of spraying the product onto the surface of the stovetop and wiping it almost immediately using a clean sponge, paper towel, or a rag. You can also choose to leave this on for some minutes if you have really stubborn stuck on bits.

For the fume for oven cleaner, all you need to do is spray on the surface of the glass at a protective distance of 10 inches with the can held at an angle of 45° on the vertical plane. Make sure you shake the can well before and during spray. 

Let the foam sit for about 30 seconds on the surface of the glass then wipe it clean using paper towels, or sponge consistently rinsed in water. 

How To Use Easy Off On Glass Oven Door?

The glass on your oven door can also be applied with Easy Off cleaner to remove gunk and grease. You can apply both to the inside and outside but make sure, when applying to the outside part of the glass, you avoid the sides of the oven as these may contain finishes or materials that aren’t suitable for Easy Off to be applied on.

To proceed with cleaning your oven door glass, start with the interior first, and make sure to scrape off any food residue, solid grease and gunk visible on the glass door. 

Use a soft spatula, the blunt edge of a knife, or wooden spoon for the job and avoid abrasive materials.  

Next, do the same thing with the outside. Afterwards, apply the Easy Off Kitchen Cleaner Degreaser on a cloth and use the cloth to wipe over the surface of the glass. 

You can leave that to sit for about one minute before you continue to clean the surface with the same cloth rinsed in water.

If you’re using a spray like the Fume Free cleaner, spray liberally on the surface of the glass from a distance of 8 inches and make sure there’s the tilt at an angle of 45° on the vertical plane. 

Let that sit for about a minute and then go over the surface using a clean sponge making sure to rinse/dip the sponge in water as you do so to finally arrive at a clean surface. You can also use paper towels instead of a rag.

How To Use Easy Off on Glass Shower Doors?

You can also use Easy Off to clean your dirty shower doors. Before you apply the product, make sure to use protection on your hands, eyes and nose and ensure that you’re in a well ventilated space.

Apply the Easy Off product to the surface of the glass from top to bottom and let it sit for a while, then use a clean rag dipped and wrung in water (continuously) to do the cleaning. 

How To Use Easy Off On Self Cleaning Oven Glass?

If you have a self cleaning oven, you can actually use Easy Off cleaner on the glass that is on the door. Use it exactly as we describe above in the section “How to use Easy Off on a glass oven door”.