Can you use easy off in a self cleaning oven?

The Easy off brand offers three varieties of oven cleaners two of which are safe to use in a self-cleaning oven, according to the official site of the Easy off Products.

These two products are the Easy off fume free oven cleaner which they claim to be tough on grease yet absolutely free of any caustic fumes, and the Easy off fume free oven trigger which they specifically claim to be gentle on the porcelain enamel coating which is used to coat the interior of self-cleaning ovens.

If you don’t already know, the main problem with using an oven cleaner in a self-cleaning oven is the potential detriment its formulating chemicals can cause to the special enamel coating or catalytic coating used to line the oven cavity.

Many oven cleaners are packed with tough and abrasive chemicals and agents that can break down the enamel coating of a self-cleaning oven with continued usage. Such breakdown can easily cause the entire oven to run a bit inefficiently since the heating effect will be greatly affected.

The third variety on the oven cleaner line of Easy off is the Easy off heavy duty cleaner, and this, they recommend to be used only in non-self-cleaning ovens as the solution is super strong: which means it’s concentrated with tough and harsh chemicals that could potentially wear off the enamel coating used in the interior of the oven.

These also happens to be the only product on the oven cleaning line that requires the use of gloves to prevent contact with the hands. See how tough it is? It also contains fumes, which aren’t toxic but might be disturbing to the nostrils.

Yay, easy off is safe!

But still limit it’s usage. I don’t see the need of purchasing a self-cleaning oven only to habitually slap its interior with solutions and chemicals that could potentially migrate into food and possibly present their health effects.

That’s strongly against the very point that convinced you to opt for a self-cleaning appliance anyways. Or is it not? To cut back on chemical consumption around the house?

If the self-cleaning feature on your range is working perfectly fine, then there’s really no need to clean the interior with an oven cleaner.

Do yourself a favor and cut out as much chemicals as you can in your daily household episodes. You’re already crossing the line with the dosage from fabric and dish cleaners.

If you’re not getting the squeaky clean effects on your heavy duty range that your oven manufacture promised you, wake up and realize that that’s nothing short of a mainstream advertisement deceit that everyone and their moms are probably used to by now.

If you’re not getting a decent cleaning from your self-cleaning range however, there are probably a thousand and one ways that you’re doing everything wrong, as the self-cleaning feature, in my humble opining, is the most effective and efficient way to get rid of tough stains and gunk from an oven interior.

It just burns off everything, and all you have to do is scoop out the resulting trash with a wet towel. Make sure you’re doing some quick pre-cleaning of the interior first before starting out the self-cleaning cycle in order to obtain the most satisfactory result. Check out the link above to learn more on how to get the best out of an oven’s self-cleaning feature.

But my self-cleaning function isn’t working

And it didn’t knock into your head to use the warranty card ASAP. Anyways, in this case, you can use the oven cleaner from easy off or any other reliable brand to aid with the cleaning process. Or, you might just opt for a gentler solution like a “DIY oven cleaner at home” featuring baking soda + vinegar or water.

But the former (Easy Off) is usually effective at cleaning loose baked-on stains and spills, and so you might have to opt for some elbow grease using tough scrapers, scourers, sponge, or any sort of abrasive tool.

And, that can actually end up damaging the interior coating of the oven, which, we’ve already mentioned the downsides should that ever happen. The best solution would be to tackle the stains as they form. This will give little chance for tough spots to form and therefore the oven cleaner to act effectively. A wet sponge or soft cloth usually does the trick.

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