Are Eggs Chicken Periods? (Answer with proof)

Fill people up with disgusting wrong facts about animal products in order to force them to break off their solid addiction with them.

That’s the newly found tactic that some hardcore vegans use to force people out of their animal product addiction. I personally find this method needless and disgusting although I’m not a big fan of products or meat, and i think that there are far better ways to convince people than that.

Dear respected vegans, you can do better please!

You see, some few weeks back while i was surfing through the internet to learn more about eggs and their uses; a research for one of my blog posts, i accidentally landed on an article that deeply inspired the birth of this write-up.

The article, obviously written by a vegan, claimed radically that “an egg was nothing but a chicken’s period”, and biological explanations were even presented to back up the claim.

Did you hear that? when a chicken lay eggs, it’s having its period!

That to me sounded so silly and untrue yet there was a biological explanation that perfectly explained why it was so. (at least i thought)

But even with that, i still couldn’t bring myself to believe i had period for breakfast. So i decided to conduct my own research.

After going through boring embryology papers and some avian reproduction write-ups, i was finally able to dig up the truth.

Are eggs chicken periods?

The answer is no, eggs are not chicken periods. Chickens do not have periods. Menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that is only evident in females of certain mammals for example humans, chimpanzees, simians, bats and elephant shrew. A chicken is no mammal. No other living species aside mammals of the animal kingdom are known to menstruate.

But of course, simply saying “Menstruation is a phenomenon exclusive to mammals and that chickens do not have periods” can never be convincing enough!

So i developed a simple approach which is based on the principle of common sense, and i shall try to use it to prove that chicken do not have periods.

For this approach, we first need to briefly understand the concept of pregnancy and periods in mammals as well as how a chicken is able to lay eggs. Then, we’ll try to see if there is any relationship between chickens and periods.

Pregnancy and periods in mammals

In some female mammals, when the animal or person reaches sexual maturity–a point in mammalian development referred to as puberty –she begins a developmental process called the menstrual cycle (in humans) or estrus cycle (in animals).

During the beginning of this cycle, matured egg or eggs are released from her ovaries– the part of the reproductive system that produces eggs, and are sent to a waiting room for fertilization (the reason why eggs turn to babies)

If the egg or eggs should come in contact with a sperm during this waiting period, they will get fertilized and sent down to a nursing home which was created while the egg was in transport; to live, get nourished and potentially grow into a baby. Thus the mammal is said to be pregnant.

If on the other hand, the egg or eggs fail to come in contact with a sperm (which means no sexual activity occurred), then the egg is not fertilized and thus cannot turn into a baby. The reproductive system detects this as a failed fertilization attempt and thus eliminates this unfertilized egg along with its nursing home through the reproductive part or by reabsorbing it, so that another cycle can begin. In this case, the mammal is said to have her period.

The entire process (cycle) can take up to a month depending on the mammal. And it is repeated over and over again untill the female mammal attains menopause; a period in her lifetime where she can no longer reproduce naturally.


Over to avian reproduction.

How does a chicken lay eggs?

Just like in menstruating mammals, the development and release of eggs (yolk) from the ovary in a hen happens recurrently and when they reach sexually maturity. This means that sexual activity doesn’t have to occur before eggs (yolk) are formed and released. (From now we’ll refer to the ovary eggs as yolk)

But unlike in mammals, it dosent happen in defined cycles, thus cannot be referred to as menstrual cycle.

When yolk(s) are created in a chicken’s ovary, they are sent down an oviduct which is like an assembly line where the egg white, chalaza, and shells are waiting to be added to it.

The beginning of the oviduct is the infundibulum; the waiting room where the egg is expected to come in contact with a sperm for fertilization.

After an expiration of the waiting period, the yolk is passed down fertilized or unfertilized to the other parts of the oviduct where it is fully formed into an egg and then expelled through the reproductive part (laying eggs)

Now, notice that with hens, we’re seeing something a little bit different. An unfertilized egg is passed through the same reproductive stages a fertilized egg would. That is not the case in all menstruating mammals. Unfertilized eggs are detected and expelled as waste.

Now from the above explanations, the following can be concluded:

  1. Pregnancy in mammals has everything to do with fertilized eggs, and nothing to do with unfertilized eggs.
  2. Menstruation in mammals has everything to do with unfertilized eggs and nothing to do with fertilized eggs.
  3. A chicken laying an egg has everything to do with both fertilized and unfertilized eggs. So it slots somewhere in the middle right? well, not really. A chicken cannot be having its period and at the same time trying to hatch chicks. Mammals dont do that. So it means that a chicken laying eggs is either having its period or wants to hatch them into chicks.
So now we’ll check to see which is true.

Why does a chicken lay eggs: To hatch or To menstruate?

Let us assume that a chicken lay eggs simply because it wants to hatch them into baby chicks, this assumption would be true for fertilized eggs but untrue for unfertilized eggs. Same thing would apply if we assume that a chicken lay eggs because it is having its period: the unfertilized eggs would be the chickens period but what about the fertilized eggs? They have the potential to turn into chicks so obviously they can’t be periods.

Now since the above method isn’t working, we’ll try to see things from a different angle, and this time, we’ll consider what happens after a chicken lay her eggs. This should clearly tell us the reason why she’s doing so.

What happens after a chicken lays a clutch of eggs?

It instinctively sits on these eggs; fertilized or unfertilized, in an attempt to try and hatch them into baby chicks. And in that course, it may get very broody: refuse to eat–putting it’s health on the line.

This clearly shows that a chicken has no idea if the eggs it laid were fertilized or unfertilized. It acts solely on instincts and just wants to hatch them.

This goes to prove that in a chickens reproductive system, there isn’t any mechanism for detecting and eliminating unfertilized eggs, unlike in menstruating mammals where there is a menstrual cycle.
If this mechanism is absent, then it only concludes that chickens do not have periods otherwise failed reproductive attempts (unfertilized eggs) would be detected and eliminated as waste. And a chicken wouldn’t be attempting to hatch its period!

Here’s the same approach from another perspective

First off, I’ll propose two hypothesis,

  1. If it can be proven that the reason why a hen lays an egg is the same reason why a female mammal menstruate, then hens have periods and eggs are the expulsions in periods “
  2. If however the opposite is true; why a hen lays an egg is not the same reason why a female mammal menstruate, then chickens do not have periods and eggs aren’t the expulsions in periods.

If this makes sense and sounds fair to you continue reading, otherwise hit the back button now!

So why do periods occur?

Its simple.

Periods occur because there is a failed fertilization. The body detects an unfertilized egg(s) and thus expel it along with its proposed nursing home because they are no longer needed in the body.
This gives room for a new cycle to begin and a new nursing home to be prepared for the next coming egg.

From here now, it becomes pretty evident the key things that should define why a period occurs: “unwanted” and “unfertilized“.

A female mammal menstruate because she is eliminating tissues and unfertilized egg or eggs that she no longer needs.

So we shall learn the reason why a hen lays an egg and try to find correlation with this definition.

Why does a chicken lay an egg?

A chicken lay eggs to reproduce. To birth cute little baby chicks.


Since an unfertilized egg in a chicken is passed through the same reproductive stages as would fertilized eggs, it leads me to conclude this:

“All eggs that a chicken would lay are supposed to be fertilized”, and guess what? a chicken would instinctively sit on its eggs; fertilized or unfertilized with the intention of hatching them into baby chicks. And in the course of this; it can get all broody: refusing to eat and even sacrifice its own health.

This shows that the statement “all eggs laid by a hen are supposed to be fertilized” must be true otherwise, why would a chicken be sitting on its unfertilized eggs in an effort to hatch it?

Now if all chicken eggs are supposed to be fertilized, yet some manage to come out unfertilized, what mechanism is in place to check and eliminate these unfertilized eggs in a chicken’s reproductive system? i’ll leave you to answer that.

Now since we have established that all eggs laid by a chicken are supposed to be fertilized, this goes to prove that the first statement about chickens laying eggs for the primary purpose of hatching them into chicks hold.

Does the two Why’s correlate?

Why does a period occur? To eliminate unfertilized eggs along with its proposed nursing bed because they are no longer useful in the body, so as to prepare the body for the next menstrual cycle.

Why does a chicken lay eggs? To simply hatch them into chicks.

I dont think anyone would need glasses to see that there is absolutely no correlation between these two Why’s.

A chickens natural reason for laying eggs (fertilized or unfertilized) is to potentially hatch them into healthy chicks and not because it is getting rid of unfertilized egg(s) that it no longer needs.

So associating chickens with period is totally off point.


But people all over the web argue….

“That chickens lay unfertilized eggs and humans expel unfertilized eggs during menstruation, so eggs have got to be periods”

But this claim is made without actually putting into consideration why mammals menstruate and hens lay eggs, and the fact that hens also lay fertilized eggs.

But say its agreed, that when a chicken lays a fertilized egg, its reproducing, and when it lays unfertilized eggs, its having its period.

This still leaves one question unanswered.

Why does a chicken attempt to hatch its period?

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  1. Honestly, I couldn't have said that better than you did. My parents and I raise chicks and we always have to look their eggs to see if they are good to put them to hatch, otherwise many eggs might be unfertilized and baby chicks won't come from them. I always felt guilty and disgusted by them, only because the vegan community make them look so bad, but my grandmother ate like this, she ate pig fat and only animals raised at the country side, and she lived almost 90 years old. Never been to the doctor, never had a medical problem in her life. People these days think that going vegan is going to make you healthy but it is not. I personally went vegan for 5 years and developed chronic gastritis and very bad cramps, weight fluctuation and lack of energy to do anything. I'm not saying vegan diet is bad, but it is NOT FOR EVERYONE. We all have different genetics, different body, different needs. Some veganholics should stop being so harsh on people that eat meat and start focusing on their life and their choices. We don't live forever, and no one is here to tell us what is good and what is bad, only you decide that.

  2. If God had wanted us to be Vegan he would have made sure a Vegan diet give us ALL our necessary vitamins, minerals and essential fats and oils. Unfortunately Vegans must take manmade pills as supplements to their diet! Hardly a compelling argument for their diet. I do however sympathize with the view that killing other creatures as food is abhorrent! I would much prefer not too so I limit my intake of meat and fish.

    • By your logic, consuming meat from farm animals is unnatural, since they ALL also recieve supplements.

      All non-ruminant animals recieve B12 supplement such as pigs and chickens because they are unable to produce their own, because only ruminant animals(cows, goats, sheep) are able to make their own B12.
      Ruminant animals receive cobalt supplement to be able to produce B12 on their own.
      On top of other supplements.
      You speak about eating fish, yet farmed fish are the biggest consumer of omega-3 fish oil on the planet. You do know how fish get their omega-3 right? In nature they get them from ALGAE! and since farmed fish aren’t fed algae, they need to be substituted with fish oil.
      You know what this means right?

      All nutrients come from plants originally.

      Vegans just take their nutrients directly from plants or from good quality supplements.

      You get your nutrients second hand through filtered througg animals that get cheapest quality supplements. Bon apetit.

      It takes a minute to google.

      • Your are trying to convince yourself that egg is not period of hen but your explanation itself proving it that egg is hens period.
        Its natural that all living organisms who can conceive they have period in different way .

          • I suppose maybe the unfertilized egg is closer to an amniotic sac, fluid and placenta, if it was expelled later without a fertilised embryo/baby in it.

            I would still eat chicken eggs knowing this though. .

    • Your claims are based on what data? If God wanted us to eat animals, He would have grown them from soil, ready to eat, with seeds to survive digestion and replant into the ground, covered in fertilizer (aka the human digestive and bowel process). I have been a plant based eater most of my 57 years; I do not supplement, other than B-12 (wish is also injected into food-farm animals) and my doctor told me I have the insides of a teenager. I am NEVER sick, full of energy, physically fit, and don’t get headaches or experience nausea…ever. Where did I go wrong????

      • I’ve eaten animals since i had teeth. so for most of my 58 years. i do no supplement, other than miller. my doctor say im as healthy as a pre teen. I have never been sick a day in my life. EVER. I never had chickenpox, flu, nothing. I have never sneezed in my life. Also what is a head ache. I think you went wrong by going to a doctor that knows that the insides of a teenager look/feel like.

        See how stupid this all sounds. Thats how you came off.

    • You can get all the needed vitamins and minerals from plants, many of the vitamins and minerals vegans are low in so are meat eaters and it’s caused by how the earth our food is grown in has been ruined by pesticides and chemicals.

  3. Hey vegan here. I don't take man-made pills. I'm Perfectly healthy are all those things you listed i DO get on a vegan diet. You really shouldn't bash others just to prove whatever point you were "trying" to make. And God gave us eden a "garden" full of food and animals to "share" it with. Lol animals were not consumed. The only issue I had with this article was that eggs are not for us to eat. And chickens don't suffer by siting on them my friend had chick's and if they didn't hatch then they (the hen) would eat the eggs. I also have a vegan friend that has a chick and her hen will eat her own eggs when she lays them. She doesn't suffer because it's not fertilized. Again humans had to evolve to eat meat. I'm really curious as to what you think vegans can't get on a vegan diet? What vitamins mineral and fats (oils are plant based lol) can we not get exactly. I've done my research and can't find anything. So…. I'm vegan but my husband and my 2 kids aren't. I don't force my ethics on anyone. I agree with the first comment (not the rude tone tho) . No it's not a period but you can use it as an example as long as you aren't flat out saying it's the same cause its not. I personally think it's gross after finding out how they are made and what not. Same reason I'll never eat honey again or dairy.

  4. Your teeth are not made for a carnivore diet, your canines are to break fruit and nuts, just like monkeys. Your teeth are frugivorous.

  5. It isn’t clear logically why you jumped over to animal behaviors and intent. You were doing well by discussing biology but you stopped short of finishing. Follow exactly what products are made, and what gets packed into the egg. Follow what proteins and materials are expelled in mammalian menstruation. I agree, that farmed-raised chickens don’t have cycles, but I think you are conflating menstruation and menstruation cycles. Not all women have regular cycles either. I think the comparison is simply the build-up of products for preparation to support an offspring and the subsequent release of the contents out of the body. In humans, it is due to failure. In chickens, as you pointed out, it doesn’t even have to be fertilized. However, yes, the end result is that both contents are remnants of a failed pregnancy. The biology is complex, but if human eggs were much larger, packed with the materials it needs to grow, and was surrounded by a calcified shell, the distinctions would be nill. Human eggs are just smaller and their initial nutrition comes from the uterus and not from materials contained within a shell. In some ways, you could view chicken eggs as small mobile shelled uteri.


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