What Is In The Black And White Shake At Shake Shack?

Shake Shack is a popular fast-casual restaurant that offers milkshakes, crispy fries and burgers among a few other menu items. 

In case you’re wondering what a fast-casual restaurant is, it is a restaurant that doesn’t offer casual dining to customers but has higher quality food in comparison to a fast food chain.

Among the several menu items of shakes at Shake Shack, one particular shake stands out, and it is the black and white shake. 

It is a hybrid milkshake that combines two popular flavors into a delicious concoction. 

In this article, we will explore the ingredients of the black and white shake, its origins, recipe, nutritional value and the reason behind its unique name.

What Is In The Black and White Shake At Shake Shack? 

The black and white shake at shake shack is made using a combination of ingredients which are carefully selected to create a rich and creamy flavor. 

The main ingredients of the black and white shake include:

  • Fresh milk
  • Vanilla ice cream or frozen vanilla custard
  • Fudge sauce

Each ingredient plays a crucial role in creating the perfect balance of flavors in the shake. 

The fresh milk provides a smooth and creamy base, while the vanilla ice cream adds sweetness and richness. 

The fudge sauce is used to give the shake its characteristic black and white color and also a distinct chocolate flavor.

All ingredients are then blended in measure proportion based on how much of the chocolate or vanilla is intended to be tasted in the final shake. 

The final blend is a slightly thick mixture that is able to pass through a straw.  

Black And White Milkshake Origin

It’s not exactly clear when the black and white shake originated, but a general consensus among food experts is that it likely came about in the early 20th century in New York City, around the same time blenders started becoming a staple in most households. 

The black and white shake was likely inspired by the classic New York Desert: black and white cookie which features two distinct frosting of vanilla and chocolate flavor on a cookie base.

The black and white shake, since its introduction, has become a popular menu item for the populace. 

The Recipe

To make a delicious black and white shake, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Fudge sauce
  • Store bought Vanilla Ice cream or A Vanilla frozen Custard
  • Milk

To make the Fudge Sauce at home, you need the following ingredients:

  • ⅔ cups of Whole Milk
  • ⅓ cups of Heavy Cream
  • 2 tablespoons of butter (without salt)
  • ¼ cups of sugar
  • 1 cup bittersweet chocolate chopped

Procedure to make the fudge sauce: 

  • First, add milk to the sauce pan and turn on the heat to medium high and add in the butter, cream and sugar and keep mixing until the mixture comes to a light boil. 
  • Add in the chopped chocolate and gently stir until it melts completely into the cream and butter mixture and begins to lightly bubble. 
  • Take the pan off the heat and whisk for a few seconds to get everything really incorporated. 

To make the Black and White shake, you need the following ingredients: 

  • 1 cup of whole Milk
  • 3 cups of Vanilla ice cream
  • ¼ cups of fudge sauce

Here’s how to make it:

  • In a blender, add in the fresh milk, vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Pour the shake into a tall glass.
  • Top with whipped cream, if desired.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy!


  • You can add more fudge sauce for a richer chocolate flavor.
  • Use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla for a more intense chocolate taste.
  • Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavors.
  • Top with chocolate shavings or sprinkles for an extra decadent treat.

The Nutritional Value of the Black and White Shake

While the black and white shake is undeniably delicious, it is also high in sugar, fat and calories overall which makes it a drink to be enjoyed in great moderation. 

Here’s the nutritional breakdown for a 12 oz serving of black and white shake from Shake Shack — the typical serving is a bit higher than the figures below. 

  • Calories: 620
  • Total Fat: 30g
  • Saturated Fat: 20g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 120mg
  • Sodium: 280mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 78g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2g
  • Sugars: 67g
  • Protein: 11g

If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can try making your own black and white shake using a low-fat or nonfat milk and a light vanilla ice cream to cut down on the calories and fat.

Black And White Milkshake vs Chocolate Milkshake

While the black and white milkshake and the chocolate milkshake may look similar at first glance, there are two things that actually set them apart: flavor and texture.

The black and white shake combines two distinct flavors which are chocolate and vanilla to create a satisfying third flavor characterised by richness and creaminess. 

The vanilla ice cream used for the black and white shake provides a sweet, floral and creamy base whereas the fudge sauce adds a rich and chocolaty flavor to the mix. 

The end result is a smooth and delicious shake that combines the best of both worlds.

On the other hand, the chocolate milkshake features a simple (yet delicious) combination of chocolate ice cream or custard and whole milk. 

While the chocolate milkshake is also rich and creamy, it is more chocolate-focused and thus lacks the distinct vanilla flavor that is present in the black and white shake.

In terms of texture, the black and white shake is typically thicker and creamier than a chocolate milkshake. 

The combination of ice cream, milk and fudge renders a velvety texture that is very characteristic of it.

Shake Shack’s Black And White Shake Vs Vanilla And Chocolate Shake

The major difference between the Black and White Shake at Shake Shack and the Vanilla and Chocolate Shake is that the former is made using whole milk, vanilla ice cream and a fudge or chocolate sauce: The shake is blended until smooth and velvety.

The latter on the other hand is more traditional and straightforward in its flavor. Shake Shack’s Vanilla Milkshake is made using vanilla ice cream and fresh milk, while the Chocolate Milkshake features a combination of Chocolate ice cream and fresh milk. To create the Vanilla and Chocolate shake, both milkshakes are blended until they are able to be sucked through a straw.

Shake Shack Shakes Ranked

Part of the things that Shake Shack is known for is its delicious milkshakes which are made using careful techniques and procedures as well as high quality ingredients.

Below are a personal shake shack shakes ranked from best to “not so great”.

  1. Vanilla and Chocolate Shake
  2. Black and White Shake
  3. Chocolate birthday-cake Shack
  4. Chocolate shake
  5. Cookies and Cream
  6. Vanilla shake
  7. Strawberry
  8. Salted Caramel Shake
  9. Mint Chocolate Chip Shake
  10. Peanut Butter Shake
  11. Coffee Shake
  12. Cornflakes Chocolate drizzle shake