Is Mrs Weiss Soup Discontinued?

There’s something nostalgically comforting about a bowl of Mrs. Weiss soup. 

With its rich, flavorful broth and delightful chewy egg noodles, it’s a brand that has warmed countless homes and hearts over the generations.

However, as of 2021, the once-readily available cans have become elusive in local grocery stores and even vanished from online shopping carts. 

This scarcity has led to whispers and questions – has Mrs. Weiss soup gone the way of the dinosaur? 

In this article, we will find out exactly what had happened to our beloved Mrs. Weiss soup.

Does Mrs Weiss Still Make Soup?

A lot of fervent soup-lovers have recently been left wondering about the apparent absence of Mrs. Weiss’ beloved Kluski noodle and chicken rice soups from grocery aisles. 

The fact is, these classic comfort food staples seem to have mysteriously vanished, with the items remaining out of stock across various major retailers for a significant amount of time now.

While it might be tempting to assume that the traditional soup line has been discontinued, it’s essential to note that no official announcement regarding this claim has been put forth by Mrs. Weiss’ company – neither via their social media channels nor their website.

Could it be a temporary halt in production? Or a strategy shift pivoting away from these particular products? 

The precise reason behind this prolonged ‘soup draught’ remains hidden and is known only to the brand itself.

In our pursuit for clarity, we have reached out to Mrs. Weiss’ team seeking answers, although till this very moment, we have received no response from them up until now. 

Rest assured though, as soon as we receive any updates about your cherished Kluski noodle or chicken rice soup, we’ll relay all information right here in our page.

What Does Miss Weiss Currently Sell?

Well, as of now, Miss Weiss offers an exceptional range of noodle products that channel both homely traditions and old-world flavors. 

Made with homemade egg noodles, these products are poised to add a punch of comfort and taste to your kitchen.

Let’s explore the diverse noodle portfolio:

  1. Extra Fine Egg Noodles: As thin and delicate as they come, these noodles are masterpieces tailored for soups, salads or casseroles.
  2. Halushka Egg Noodles: Robust and hearty, these noodles embody perfection for stews, goulash or a classic dish like haluski – think cabbage and butter fused together!
  3. Kluski Egg Noodles: Short, dense noodles that echoe the traditional characteristics of dishes like paprikash, kugel or kluski – a ravishing combination of cheese and bacon!
  4. Wide Egg Noodles: These broad and flat noodles are quintessentially suited for recipes like beef stroganoff, tuna noodle casserole or chicken with noodles.

Mrs. Weiss’s flavorful range can be found in selected grocery stores as well as online marketplaces such as Walmart or Amazon. 

Alternatively, you can use the store locator on the official Mrs. Weiss website to track down her products near you. 

What Happened To Mrs Weiss Chicken Noodle Soup?

With the radio silence from the company, the indication appears to be that Mrs. Weiss may have discontinued this particular product line. 

No formal announcement has been released, but its conspicuous absence hints at this plausible explanation.

Where To Buy Mrs Weiss Soup?

The hunt for a particular type of Mrs Weiss soup can often feel like sleuthing for culinary treasure, especially given the fact that major retail stores haven’t stocked up on these savory comfort foods since 2022. 

But don’t fret, soup-lovers, this does not spell the end of your quest!

There’s a good chance you’ll strike gold at local grocery stores that may still carry this cherished product line. 

Remember, it’s always worth scanning those shelves diligently and asking store assistants for help in your search.