Do You Eat Guava Seeds?

Guava has carved itself an admirable fruit in the hearts of some fruit lovers across the globe. 

But it brings us to questioning – what about their seeds? 

Are they safe to consume or merely just a nuisance to be deseeded every time we enjoy the guava flesh?

In this article, we’ll find out if it’s okay to chew guava seeds, and exactly how to do so.

Do You Spit Out Guava Seeds?

When it comes to enjoying guava, some might wonder what to do with the seeds. 

While they may seem tough and unappetizing, there are several ways to enjoy guava seeds – no spitting required!

1. Eat it with the fruit: Don’t be afraid to chomp down on those seeds along with the juicy guava flesh. They’re perfectly edible and add a little extra crunch to your snacking experience.

2. Extract them and use as toppings: If you’re looking for an interesting twist on your breakfast or dessert, try separating the seeds from the fruit and use them as crunchy toppings for yogurt, granola or ice cream. Trust me, they taste great!

3. Blend the whole fruit including the seeds in a smoothie or fruit juice: For a quick and easy way to consume guava seeds without even noticing, simply blend the entire fruit – seeds included – into a delicious smoothie or refreshing juice.

A quick Note Of Warning though: 

While guava seeds are completely safe to eat within these contexts, it’s essential never to consume them alone or in excessive amounts. 

Always enjoy them with the fruit or in one of the other methods mentioned above. 

Can You Eat Guava Skin?

Just like other fruits with edible peels, the skin of a guava significantly contributes to its overall nutritional value and health benefits, and yes, is perfectly edible. 

More than just an edible outer layer, guava skin is packed with essential nutrients including vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. 

In fact, you might be surprised to find out that most of these elements are concentrated in the peel rather than the fleshy inside part of the fruit.

The beauty of consuming guava skin resides not only in its myriad health benefits but also in its versatility. 

Consuming guava skins is incredibly easy and side effect-free. 

You can experiment by seasoning them with a dash of salt or sugar for a flavor twist.

A splash of vinegar or soy sauce can also provide a unique taste for those who like complicating the simple.

Remember though, as with any produce that you’re planning to eat raw or unpeeled, it’s crucial to wash your guavas properly prior to putting them anywhere near your mouth. 

This will ensure they are free from any harmful residues or dirt.

What Are The Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Eating Guava With The Skin And Seed?

Guava might be a fruit that doesn’t often find its way into your grocery cart, but the dense cluster of nutrients packed within this tropical gem should not be underestimated. 

Not only does guava contain an impressive array of vitamins and minerals, but consuming it along with the skin and seeds can bestow you with some extra health benefits. 


Tucked within the pinkish pulp of the guava is an arsenal of nutrients that can help guard your heart against cardiovascular disease. 

Aiding in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels with its high potassium content, while its abundance of dietary fiber helps to keep cholesterol levels in check – there’s no denying this fruit has your heart in mind.

Reduced Blood Sugar Levels

With its fiber-rich pulp and low glycemic index, guavas come to the rescue when it comes to blood sugar control, making it a sweet yet safe choice for those monitoring their glucose levels.

Help With Menstrual Pain

For many, menstrual cramps can be a monthly battle. Guavas have been known to alleviate menstrual discomfort to give some much-needed relief during periods.

A Nutrient Powerhouse

Take a bite out of a guava and you’ll be hit by a wave of vitamin C – richer than even an orange! The fruit isn’t stingy on other nutrients either; it’s loaded with vitamin A, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and thiamin amongst other nutrient goodies. 

A Word Of Caution

Nature always offers us balance and consuming too much guava is no exception. 

In excessive quantities, it could lead to gas, bloating or potentially trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. 

Therefore, enjoy guava moderately.