Do You Add Anything to Prepared Masa?

Prepared masa is an already seasoned variation of plain masa, typically meant for tamale-making.  The beauty of prepared masa lies in its convenience – it’s all set and ready for use.  But here’s where it gets interesting: Can one tweak this pre-prepared mix further?  Can you add more ingredients to zest up the flavor or … Read more

Western Omelette Vs Denver Omelette

The Denver omelet and the Western omelet are perhaps two of the most recognized names when it comes to breakfast in America.  Born from the same trifecta of hearty ham, crispy onions and green bell peppers, one can’t help but wonder – is there more than a name that separates these two dishes? In this … Read more

What is over easy eggs?

There are different methods used in the preparation of fried eggs and “over easy” happens to be one of them. Learn exactly what it is and the three variations available for its preparation in this article. You’ll also learn the exact steps for making over easy eggs which is something very valuable to learn, and … Read more