Can you freeze cooked rice?

You’re not always going to be precise with cooking measurements, or put honestly, you simply can’t in some situations, because of many inevitable reasons. So in any case you’re left with extra cooked rice stored somewhere on the kitchen countertop — whether white or brown, jollof or plain, read this article as efficiently as you … Read more

Can you freeze raw potatoes?

There are two caveats to putting raw potatoes in the freezer for long term storage (or even in the refrigerator). Both of them are pretty serious! Can you freeze raw potatoes? No, you can’t put raw potatoes in the refrigerator or in the freezer for long term storage. You can only blanch or fully prepare them … Read more

Substitutes for chicken broth

Chicken broth is an essential base for adding body and richness to stews, sauces, braises and even casseroles. It’s literally the best thing that can ever happen to your frozen chicken breasts because of it’s overpowering nature that builds up flavors exactly reminiscent of those lost from lack of brining. But one sad thing, it’s … Read more

How to boil frozen chicken

How to boil frozen chicken

We’re all familiar with boiling chicken from room temperature. It’s as easy as poaching the poultry in a protein-rich juice (stock) and let simmer until fork tender, (or fork shredder in my own terms). But how differently would any step be if the cuts were frozen rather than warm? I mean chicken is no cheap … Read more

Can you cook chicken breast from frozen?

Everybody’s special way of making chicken breasts is to always start out with room temperature chicken, or at least, with chicken breasts that have most recently been stored in the refrigerator. We absolutely love the juicy and tender results we get from marinating such breasts, and when it comes to flavor, there’s not a single … Read more