Are Eggs Chicken Periods? (Answer with proof)

Fill people up with disgusting wrong facts about animal products in order to force them to break off their solid addiction with them. That’s the newly found tactic that some hardcore vegans use to force people out of their animal product addiction. I personally find this method needless and disgusting although I’m not a big … Read more

How to make garri

how to make garri

Garri is a dry crispy coarse flour obtained from raw cassava flesh. Cassava is a staple crop in Central and Southern America and also in the tropical regions of West Africa. It is one of the many food crops that cannot be consumed raw due to the presence of toxins and anti-nutritional factors in their … Read more

What is parchment paper made of?

Parchment paper is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. There are only a handful of heating applications that parchment paper cannot be used for in ovens, toaster ovens or microwave ovens. In pre-baking, its glossy essence helps keep the surface of countertops pristine and in post-baking, its non-stick and moisture-sealing attributes makes food storage seemingly … Read more