How to blanch potatoes

Potatoes are semi-perishable produce, and just like many other vegetables, they too can be packaged and stored inside the freezer to further extend their already manageable shell life. But in order to do so, they require proper blanching to further decelerate their fairly quick rate of deterioration and also to preserve some qualities such as … Read more

Can you freeze raw potatoes?

There are two caveats to putting raw potatoes in the freezer for long term storage (or even in the refrigerator). Both of them are pretty serious! Can you freeze raw potatoes? No, you can’t put raw potatoes in the refrigerator or in the freezer for long term storage. You can only blanch or fully prepare them … Read more

How long to bake a potato?

How long to bake a potato has always been the main question in my search history. For me, i honestly can’t remember how many times i’ve washed potatoes and popped them into the oven to bake until fluff and bulging, and then slide in a thin cube of butter full of creamy flavor into the … Read more

How long to bake potatoes in a microwave?

If you’re used to baking potatoes for extra 1 or 2 minutes and getting away with it in the oven, the microwave is certainly the last place you want to try that —  thing; you know exactly what i wanted to say right? You’ll end up burning the potatoes, yourself, and perhaps the microwave appliance! Below … Read more