How long can thawed chicken stay in the fridge?

Chicken meat is one of the most sensitive food commodities out there, and so whichever stage you are in its preparation and preservation, you just have to be on the qui vive for harmful bacterial pathogens that can easily accumulate on the inside, breed, and eventually cause you food poisoning! No, no, no dummy! you … Read more

Can you freeze cooked chicken?

Raw chicken is safe to pop in the freezer for an indefinite amount of time, and likewise, it’s safe to put in the refrigerator until it’s casserole time the next day. But what about remnants from sautéed or boiled chickens? Are they just as safe to pop in the freezer or refrigerator as any raw … Read more

How to boil frozen chicken

How to boil frozen chicken

We’re all familiar with boiling chicken from room temperature. It’s as easy as poaching the poultry in a protein-rich juice (stock) and let simmer until fork tender, (or fork shredder in my own terms). But how differently would any step be if the cuts were frozen rather than warm? I mean chicken is no cheap … Read more

Can you cook chicken breast from frozen?

Everybody’s special way of making chicken breasts is to always start out with room temperature chicken, or at least, with chicken breasts that have most recently been stored in the refrigerator. We absolutely love the juicy and tender results we get from marinating such breasts, and when it comes to flavor, there’s not a single … Read more