How long to boil Dungeness crab

Dungeness crabs are Cancer Magister. Relax, i know what you’re thinking, but that’s exactly the opposite of what i’m saying. Cancer magister is the scientific name assigned to the Dungeness crab by the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). I know, we better stop here before things get too scientific and the purpose of the article … Read more

All uses for apple butter

Apple butter is one of fall’s special ingredients, having genesis as far back as the Early Middle Ages. It is speculated to have originated from the Limburg province of the United kingdom of the Netherlands (present day Netherlands and Belgium), and also in the Rhineland area of Western Germany when the first monasteries with apple … Read more

Can you make green bean casserole ahead of time?

Can you microwave green bean casserole

Making green bean casserole and devouring the crunchy yum exactly when you need it isn’t always going to be feasible. Whether it’s a holiday dinner to be hosted for your colleagues or you’re trying to save the entire evening for something rather precious, making green bean casserole ahead of time and then preserving the cooked … Read more

Can parchment paper go in the oven?

The crackling sound of parchment paper is everywhere from pre-baking to post-baking! But is it anywhere in between? In other words, can parchment paper be used in the oven? Lets find out. Silicone parchment paper is safe to use in the oven at temperatures below 450°F, but the sturdiness in some brands can actually withstand … Read more